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Charity starts in your own community

We believe its the richest charity in the world

Randomn acts of kindness

A Community Charity that will never accept a monetary donation

A Community based idea that I would like to evolve into a charity organisation.
The most precious resource given to people. How people spend their time is their choice. Which is how it should be. I'm lucky enough to be able to spend time running PIFPost. My hope for PIFPost is to create a lot of smiles and allow me to spend my time helping to make our community an even better place. 
Community spirit is a powerful and wonderful thing. I read that it takes a community to raise children. I agreed. That is one of the main reasons I bake brownies and started PIFPost. The fact that my local community knows of me and my family gives me a feeling of security. Safety in your own home and local community should be a given.

A smile is the easiest form of PIF

I believe when people smile they are twice as beautiful. A smile is also very contagious.
When my boys went to visit Grandma the smile on her face when she saw them was an explosion of love. A smile i'll never forget. I could go as far to say the perfect smile. So if you have a beautiful smile or know someone with one and don't mind being on Facebook. Please PIFPost a smiling face for the good of the community.
Please contact the people of PIFPost on
Email - [email protected]